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  1. edward george
    edward george at |

    that’s your idea of a good film. don’t take the piss. this sounds like a demonising load of nonsense. ‘gayism’.

  2. Mumbere Joseph
    Mumbere Joseph at |

    According to his explanations to journalist , there is no evidence to show that the film had poor ending because he showed the way he tried not to express it like how it could be which was against government laws

  3. Heritier Nzau
    Heritier Nzau at |

    All these gay nigerian gay movies could have won awards even abroad if only there wasn’t a religious twist at the end. I’m a bisexual man so watching these movies really piss me off ’cause they don’t portray the reality of homosexuality rather hatred. Next time, directors must work with gay guys to help them direct movies relevantly. Thanks


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