Nigeria: Ex-husband triggered raid, arrest for lesbian sex

Homophobic police + homophobic ex-husband = legal troubles for a Nigerian lesbian, as a woman in Lagos learned recently.

Map of southern Nigeria shows locations of Lagos and Asaba. (Map courtesy of the BBC)

Map of southern Nigeria shows location of Lagos. (Map courtesy of the BBC)

Rita (not her real name) told the LGBTI-friendly media site that she arrested after her ex-husband found her in bed with a female friend and reported her to police. The police then invaded her house, arrested her and jailed her.

The incident reportedly happened a few weeks ago at the victim’s house in Lagos.

Rita told NoStrings that she had divorced her husband a few years ago after the death of her father, who had pressured her to get married.

“I knew I was a lesbian, but my father pressured me into getting married,” she said. “I did not have the energy to fight him by refusing, so I obliged. But when he died, I felt that there was no need for me to continue with the marriage since I did not love the man I was married to.”

Rita said that her ex-husband, Afolabi (not his real name), was shocked and could not understand why she wanted a divorce.  He tried to fight  it, but lost. The marriage was officially dissolved in court.

“After the divorce, I moved away from him and got my own apartment. He swore to deal with me, and never took it well. He kept on sending me threatening text messages, and kept on stalking me. I reported him to his family, but nothing changed,” Rita said.

Nigerian police logo

Nigerian police logo

On the day of the incident, Rita said that one of her relatives, a young boy who lives with her, left the front door unlocked. Then Afolabi barged into the house, walked straight to the bedroom, and found her and her girlfriend undressed, lying on the bed. Rita stated:

“He came right into my bedroom and started shouting and taking pictures. We were not doing anything. We were just gisting [chatting]. My girlfriend had just a towel on her. I quickly asked her to get up and leave. He came outside and shouted that he now had evidence to ruin me. The neighbors gathered to watch what was going on.

“He left a few minutes later and then came back with the police, who arrested me and took me to the station. At the station, I was abused by the police officers. Then they locked me in a room along with other girls. I slept on the cold tiled floor for four days. It was a weekend and they said that I could not get bail on weekends.”

Rita said that she was eventually released after paying police what to her was a huge sum.

“I paid N62,000 [about $172] before I was bailed out. I have been asked to come back to the station at a set date to deal with the matter. I am so afraid right now and I cannot take up the case against my ex-husband.  because He is a crazy person and well-connected too. He knows where I live and where I work. I do not know what he might do to me. He said that he can even kill me and nothing will happen to him in Nigeria.”

Names, specific locations and other sensitive details have been removed from Rita’s story to protect her identity so as not to jeopardize her safety.

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