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  1. aowings1
    aowings1 at |

    Such sad to hear how people can treat other people with no guilt or remorse, and they don’t realize we are all the same with the same feelings for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to live and be loved.

    1. doni
      doni at |

      most enjoy intolerance. makes them feel as if they belong. they generally suffer from low IQ. especially Pentecostals

  2. David ssesanga
    David ssesanga at |

    Am so sorry for my fellow, but truly that is the life we dwell in here in kenya we the lgbti refugees.

    I will not disclose my names but am also a ugandan lgbti asylum seeker here in kenya where I have stayed for almost three years, I have gone through alot of difficulties almost to grave I have always yarned to have someone to talk too but failed, I only left my sad story to God who may one day give me a hospitable environment and community.

    This is a country where even if one has fallen sick can just die an abrupt death.

    I came in February 2015, but upto now what am going through I compare it to the grave.

    Living my beautiful home country it was not my wish neither an organised event but it was unexpected due to my sex orientation, but kenya hmmmmmm.

    Am eagery waiting maybe one day I will tell my story to the world if am given a secure platform.


  3. doni
    doni at |

    your country, and, fellow LGBTQ have lost a fighter in yourself. this fight must be met with extreme prejudice. banners and signs ain’t gonna cut it!…if you walk away, where will you be tomorrow?


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