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  1. Domingo A Torres
    Domingo A Torres at |

    Every life has a human right to live as God or man created them to be. Every life is important and every life matters. I am a gay Christian man, who a divine illuminated solid entity appear to save my life. This was a very significant act of God. I am alive to testify of it, that I matter to God as I am. What happen to me is a significant revelation, that gay people matter to God, no matter what was said or said it in the past. God does what please Him and not what pleases man, period. Enough said, about this. The matter is close to God as I am alive to testify of it.

  2. Laurens Blei
    Laurens Blei at |

    UNIVERSAL Human Rights can’t have exceptions. It is always clear that theocracies want to redefine what that means. It is in itself already a violation of the Declaration of Human Rights. Another regime that should be ousted and punished for their violations, but isn’t.


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