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  1. Stuart McDonald
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    Pope Francis said nothing directly about the pervasive persecution and violence against LGBTs in African countries, including Uganda, while he was there. Instead, he told his crowds to be proud of their “African Traditions”. That is a dog whistle to Africans who claim that homosexuality violates “African Traditions”. Actually, it was part of genuine “African Traditions” before the “Christian” and “Muslim” colonialists forced their false, scapegoating, rabidly anti-LGBT dogma on Africans. Pope Francis is just another brainwashed/brainwashing, greedy filthy-rich’s partner, scapegoating, fake-Christian Nazi.

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    It appears that the internal politics of the Vactican, particularly among African bishops and cardinals, prevented any comments about the evils of homophobia. The church has already said as much whilst not supporting same sex sexual activity and marriage. The Pope could have just said condemned prejudice against LGBTQ peoples without violating church reaching but he didn’t even go that far. Very disappointing!


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