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  1. Elina
    Elina at |

    I see this all the time in Zambia as well. More and more missionaries are coming here but they’re not only spreading god’s love but also anti-gay sentiments. The irony is that when “westerners” come to promote gay-rights in any way it’s deemed a western phenomenon that must be stopped, but when the (mostly american) evangelists preach their anti-gay slur it’s all ”Amen to that”!

  2. Daniel B Law
    Daniel B Law at |

    Please help fund this documentary against western backed homophobia in Uganda. Please give what you can & share http://www.gofundme.com/ewla3g

    Western evangelicals from the UK and US have been preaching hate in Uganda which has led to anti-gay legislation that has caused extreme persecution of the LGBT community and led to an increase in violence, rape and murder. It has also led to a rise in HIV infection rates as people no longer have access to health care.

    A new law promised as a “Christmas present” to the people of Uganda makes it illegal to provide employment, housing, transport and even health care to members of the LGBT community.

    Please donate what you can to help expose the murderous hatred of these western evangelicals and the vile propaganda they tell to the Ugandan people to perpetuate the hatred of and violence towards an already persecuted minority.


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