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    A change of heart from this guy would be helpful…

  2. Rick Warren
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    Dear Colin, I hope you will have the integrity to correct your error that “.. so far he has not challenges his followers…” It can easily be proven false many times over. As far back as 2009, I send a video to the pastors of Africa on this issue. That video even posted on YOU TUBE here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jmGu9o4fDE .
    It is articles like this that perpetuate false impressions and create divisions..
    Also, you’re facts are incorrect. I am in Southern California all this week, and haven’t been in Africa all year. The All Africa Conference is at end of 2016 – next year.

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    So, what happenned to Rick Warren’s Africa mega gathering? Was he turned down by Kagame? Did Rick try to talk Kagame into dropping his bid for 3rd term? Did Rick’s friends here in the US change their hearts on Kagame?



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