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  1. Datrebor
    Datrebor at |

    I think we should suport Jamaica and boycott the French Islands instead.

  2. FYoung
    FYoung at |

    I am a gay Canadian. I travel internationally, but a Jamaican vacation has been out of the question because of its anti-gay murder music and the government’s failure to do anything to stop widespread anti-gay violence, not to mention its failure to repeal the sodomy law.

    I would also support a boycott of Jamaican products. Certainly, any gay bar that boycotts Russian vodka should also boycott Jamaican rum.


  3. Joshua G
    Joshua G at |

    Let’s identify the real problem here – it’s gay MEN that are persecuted not lesbians. ALL black countries persecute gay (usually white) men while strangely accepting lesbians. It’s time to address black homophobia worldwide.

  4. Jerold
    Jerold at |

    Well, as a black GAY male, IM SOO GLAD I’ve NEVA spent any of my hard earned dollas trying to visit their country, OR ANYTHING JAMAICAN!!!!! I bet i dont, I BET I NEVA!! BANG💥🔫,BANG💥🔫👊👊


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