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Jamaica: LGBT youths can’t even call a gully their home

Jamaican activists who balk at the idea of forcing LGBT youths to live on the streets are trying to find a feasible alternative now that police have ousted dozens of youths from Shoemaker Gully, a drainage channel in New Kingston. … Continue reading

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Fear for family safety dissolves lawsuit vs. anti-gay law

As this blog reported yesterday, Jamaican activist Javed Jaghai has ended his challenge to Jamaica’s anti-sodomy law. Here’s why: “I am no longer willing to gamble with my life or the lives of my parents and siblings.” — Javed Jaghai … Continue reading

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Jamaican activist ends challenge to anti-sodomy law

The Associated Press reports: A young Jamaican gay rights activist who brought an unprecedented legal challenge to the Caribbean island’s anti-sodomy law has withdrawn the claim after growing fearful about violent backlashes, advocacy groups and colleagues said Friday. Last year, … Continue reading

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Jamaican police propose LGBT shelter, raid gully again

Jamaican police have again raided the gully where dozens of homeless LGBT youth have taken refuge. Police have often raided the storm water diversion gully, sometimes called a sewer, even though a Jamaican court ruled  in March that the youths, … Continue reading

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Jamaican paper pushes gay marriage; should gays worry?

The Jamaica Gleaner newspaper, the country’s most influential and probably its largest, has endorsed same-sex marriage, which local LGBT rights activists have not been pushing for. In passing, the newspaper’s editorial spoke against the “buggery law” that makes male homosexual … Continue reading

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Shunned by families, gay teens face rape, HIV on Jamaican streets

An LGBT rights activist comments about Jamaica: “Jamaican LGBT youth are being evicted as young as 11 years old. Some engage in sex work to survive. Many contract HIV and other STIs. And still there is a deafening silence from … Continue reading

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Jamaica needs urgent action to save LGBT people’s lives

High-horse of urgency vs. callous indifference I met some remarkably resilient young Jamaican men on Sept. 10, 2013.  We were together at the latest anti-homophobia stand [protest] in Kingston entitled “Even in Private.” These brave front-line warriors in the Jamaican … Continue reading

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