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  1. James Phiri
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    “All Zambians deserve protection from harassment
    be they black or white, yellow or green, Jew or
    gentile, homosexual or heterosexual.”
    U c that there illustrates my first problem with this modern ‘gay-rights’ movement. U are equating being black or white, to be homosexual or heterosexual…as if u can tell by mere physical inspection who is gay and who is straight, the way you can with race. Never mind that some people actually stop being gay and become straight, legitimately, last I checked u can’t stop being black and start being white even if u did bleach your skin. This would seem to suggest that homosexuality is simply a state of mind, rather than a biological identity (lyk you’re tryna make it look) n just lyk any other state of mind, it can be changed.
    My second problem is on the issue of same sex marriage, by definition marriage is a union of two individuals of the opposite sex. So u can’t call the union of gays a marriage, u wud b grammatically incorrect, logically incorrect too. So maybe come up with another word for it, but just don’t soil the holy union that is marriage.
    Further more, homosexuality is wrong simply because it goes against the law of the land, more importantly, its wrong coz it goes against the law of God. Zambia is a christian nation and as such will always stand by the word of God which says expressly about homosexuals that their place is in the lake of fire along with liars, murderers etc. So there is no difference between a liar and a gay, both can reform and be rehabilitated, but just as a thief who doesn’t want to stop stealing won’t be tolerated, neither will a gay person who refuses to reform and yield to the Lords decrees.
    Finally I’m firmly opposed to the gay movement coz I believe promoting and tolerating it will only lead to an increase in the number of pedophiles and cases of pedophilia, after all pedophiles are gay aren’t they
    I habour no ill intent or will toWard homosexual folk, I love them like I do any other person and understand that like any man, they are fallen by nature and in need of a saviour. However to safe guard the future of our civilisation I believe that homosexuality must be discouraged and the law reinforced.


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