Here’s how Trump undercuts anti-LGBT, anti-woman Africans
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Here’s how Trump undercuts anti-LGBT, anti-woman Africans

  African opponents of equality for LGBT people and women will have to change their tune, at least a bit, now that racist, anti-LGBT and anti-female forces in the United States have succeeded in electing Donald Trump as president. Ugandan researcher/ activist Stella Nyanzi explains: By Stella Nyanzi When we advocated for the rights of … Continue reading

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Isn’t distributing expired HIV drugs a sin?

“Giving people expired anti-retroviral therapies (ARVs) is haram, forbidden, sin.” That’s what  Ugandan researcher/ activist Stella Nyanzi wrote on Facebook after she visited an HIV-positive friend. Use of expired medications is one of the many deficiencies of current efforts to control HIV/Aids in Uganda.  It’s a problem that affects many who are HIV-positive, whether they … Continue reading

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Uganda Pride: ‘Passionate believer’ tells why it’s important

By Stella Nyanzi My custom of preparing for Uganda’s Pride activities starts a week before the annual event. Today, I am starting my excited posts about ‪#PrideUganda2015‬. I have posted about each year’s activities, starting with the first one in 2012. As an ally of the organised political LGBTIQ movement, as well as the social … Continue reading

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Payback time for sleazy Uganda tabloid in war of words

When the journalists at the Hello tabloid of Uganda published the latest article in a hateful tradition of forced outings of alleged and actual LGBT citizens, they couldn’t know that they themselves would become the targets of a much more imaginative and enjoyable writer — Ugandan anthropology researcher Stella Nyanzi.  As a straight ally of … Continue reading


Profile of a busy queer Ugandan sex worker activist

Ugandan anthropologist and social science researcher Stella Nyanzi writes here about Frank Kamya (Kanobana Mwanje Franco), a queer sex worker activist who has been a driving force behind two activist organizations fighting HIV in Kampala’s poorest neighborhoods, the Youth on Rock Foundation and the Come Out Post-Test Club. She wrote this commentary in advance of … Continue reading