Moldova might adopt a ‘gay propaganda’ ban after all

Human Rights Watch issued this update on the latest proposal for a Russian-style “gay propaganda” law. HRW urged Moldova, a former Soviet republic, to reject the bill, much as it did in 2013: Moldova: Reject ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law Bill to ‘Protect’ Children Would Violate Their Rights (Berlin, June 21, 2016) – The Moldovan parliament should … Continue reading

Asia / Europe

Proposals for new ‘gay propaganda’ laws; Europe worries

The European Parliament is keeping a worried eye on two Central Asian nations’ proposals to adopt Russian-style anti-“gay propaganda” laws. The Russian law, enacted in 2013, provides for fines of up to 200,000 rubles (about US $3,000) for “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” that appears where the message could reach minors, including online. The law … Continue reading


How Russian homophobia has changed St. Petersburg

The Los Angeles Times reports: Activists turn tolerant St. Petersburg into homophobic city By Mansur Mirovalev Timur Bulatov calls himself a “homophobic wolf,” and last summer he found his prey. Dr. Dmitry Isaev led a commission of psychiatrists in St. Petersburg that approved hundreds of sex-change operations. To Bulatov, he was “a henchman of LGBT … Continue reading


Video experiment reveals Russia’s violent homophobia

In a “social experiment” to see whether Russian citizens behave as badly  toward gay men as their reputation suggests, a video cameraman for  ChebuRussiaTV secretly filmed two men walking through Moscow holding hands. The result: Russian passersby went out of their way to insult and assault the pair.  “Leave Russia,” one man shouted. Twice, threatening … Continue reading


Moscow police shut down LGBT photo exhibits

Police in Moscow continue their harassment of LGBTI activists, allegedly as a means of enforcing the Russian law against positive depictions of homosexuality in the presence of minors, but actually targeting exhibits where minors are excluded.  Below are modestly edited excerpts from Queerussia’s coverage of the police disruption of the “Be Yourself” exhibition: “Be Yourself” … Continue reading