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  1. Master Adrian
    Master Adrian at |

    How real is this tolerance….. once he would be installed as leader! Anyway, tolerance is not what is demanded! Change of law is what is demanded, as only then homosexual people can be free! No tolerance as that means only being around and nothing more, equal rights under the law is what is demanded and needed, for all Ugandans!

  2. Moses
    Moses at |

    Bobi Wine’s statement is just a revelation of what true leadership is all about. It’s a controversy that has been narrowed to LGBT society but I assure you it goes beyond…for instance, the thieves, murderers and other kinds of criminals have a right to be protected until proved guilty. Only humanitarians can understand this

  3. ssemax81@gmail.com
    ssemax81@gmail.com at |

    Once the Pope said “Hate the sin and not the sinner” . When asked about his take about
    the gay people he said ” Who am i to judge them”. Very many mistook him as a supporter of gays. These homosexual people just have to be helped to overcome this dangerous vice without judging them. Only God has authority to Judge anyone. God is so patient with us for sole purpose of allowing us time to repent and convert. For those of you who are not gay pray for the grace not judge and those gay people out there pray for the grace to stop, repent and convert.

  4. Kalema Deo
    Kalema Deo at |

    It’s surprising to criticise bobi yet even th current president statements are not different from that bobi made. A bill was passed in parliament and it has never been signed by the president. If someone is a gay, counselling is better than death sentences. I don’t find it fatal and faulty in any way. Just like jesus did, he asked, someone who has never to throw a stone at her.

  5. Hasinah Muwanga
    Hasinah Muwanga at |

    But is there a death penalty or gruesome punishment for gay people in Uganda ? What i know is that it’s not promoted, but we eat, dance , drink and sleep with these people. They have their freedom as long as they respect other people who are not gay. Like in African society we tend not to expose romance and nudity in public , Africa still wants the gay acts also to be kept private . It’s the culture .


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