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  1. Stuart McDonald
    Stuart McDonald at |

    Brainwashed, useful idiot, colonialized, Nazi-Mafia thug, scapegoating lackeys and puppets of the filthy-rich and powerful (or their wannabes) trying to out-colonialize their evil former (and still) colonial masters with their made-up bullshit religions forced upon those they subjugated.

    It is insanity and pure evil when those who have been occupied, scapegoated, subjugated, enslaved and mass-murdered (i.e. black Africans) as justified by such religions, primarily Christianity and Islam imposed on them, are forced to adopt and then themselves use those same bullshit religions to do the equivalent evil to others.

    LGBTIs have always been an integral part of African and every other culture throughout nearly all the hundreds of thousands of years of modern human history.

    These ignorant, vapid goons are the real evil degenerate perverts in every society — regardless of race — and arise when a society sickens and decays through massive corruption and greed. When these sick goons take over, that society and it’s wider civilization are ripe for destruction and annihilation.


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