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  1. Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown at |

    I’m so upset about this we are human also we have the right to vote for ministers and now we don’t have the right to celebrate our PRIDE.

  2. Marcia Westhaver
    Marcia Westhaver at |

    Jamaica has been struck from my and my families list of “go to” places. Shame on Jamaica! You can do better…..

  3. Tracey Williams
    Tracey Williams at |

    Lol embrace the cost of arm!! 👰🤵

  4. jenuce
    jenuce at |

    I totally agree with the mayors of Jamaica. This festival is not accepted here under the sight of God. God created all of us in His likeness and His image. As a result He didn’t created us to marry the same sex hence the reason for destroying Sodom….We should be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. How can we do this with a same sex marriage???Therefore if growing up and we see where we are attracted to the same sex in a sexual manner we should rebuke that demon spirit and send it back to the pit of hell. It was wrong in the beginning why should it be right now? I pray for all of you to change your begaviour and attitude that will create a shift in your thought process so that you can see your God given purpose. This act is dirtyyyyy and we won’t tolerate it here. The country can benefit from tourism using other mediums. Take another look at life because there is no *PRIDE* in your festive activities. I love you all as a people but not your activities. Have a safe and bless day as God continue to bless you all richly.

  5. I'm str8
    I'm str8 at |

    Please go and repent of your sins.

  6. Michael
    Michael at |

    You are agents of the devil trying to lead people to hell with you and your master

  7. Dörthe Stolberg
    Dörthe Stolberg at |

    It’s not written in the 10 christian commandments, WHO you should love and who not. But what is about: You should not desire another mans woman. AND You should not kill? What about this? Love is Love! We have to learn to accept, respect and love eachother!

  8. No name
    No name at |

    I think the Homer Davis and Charles Sinclair has saved the lives of many plus tried not to.place the security forces under additinal pressure. If it was allowed there would be long reoercussions as people would have gathered to see these people and act later. It is the reality, so say thanks.


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