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  1. Most At Risk Populations' Society in Uganda

    Thanks for the article. it is a form of activism too. I want to bring it to your attention that public statements come in different forms. Most At Risk Populations’ Society (MARPS IN UGANDA) is one of the oldest organizations that came up with remarks and statements. Uganda has over 30 LGBTIQQ-led organizations. Do not wait for SMUG or FARUG to make statements and call those the statements. Also please acknowledge the organization that made the transcript. It is courteous! Please see: http://kampalagaynews.blogspot.com/2018/07/a-ugandan-american-human-rights.html. Thanks for the continued activism.

    1. Jonathan
      Jonathan at |

      well sexual orientations by choice Vs natural. This confusion is found among humans, better off the beasts. Shame on you devil for robbing the joy of many and imprison them in this selfish and unpropagative demon orchestrated movement. Well be done with that endless pit miss Val Kalente.

  2. Proscovia
    Proscovia at |

    It’s a shame that our heroes are being brain washed by the so called pastors in Uganda my message to you val we still love you and I’m sure your I’m sure you know that deep in your heart we can never hate you our hero you be missed ❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️


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