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  1. Linda Miles
    Linda Miles at |

    As a straight Christian who understands that LGBT people are born that way, I feel sad for the youths who were beaten and arrested. Officials need to read scientific research about sexual orientation. My husband and I respect and love our gay and lesbian friends and relatives. May God bless them and keep them from harm.–Linda Miles

    1. admin76crimes
      admin76crimes at |

      So true, Lindy. And may God bless the 100 men and women arrested in Asaba and keep them from harm.

  2. Daryl
    Daryl at |

    Sometimes I wish Nigeria would burn. Other times I wish the government was a liitle more understanding. They blame their lack of progress on homosexuals, when in reality their the cause of the country’s problems. The law is against human rights, each citizen should be able to choose who they want to be with and not be forced into a lonely life. The police in Nigeria is quite idiotic so I guess that’s how the country’s going to be until the old men in power die off…


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