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  1. Denis LeBlanc
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    It is important to start treatment and take medicine to fight HIV as soon as you can after you test positive. We know that you will have better health, a better and longer life and a better quality of life. You will also shorten the time when you can transmit the virus sexually to any partner(s). After about 6 months on treatment, ask to have your Viral Load tested to find out if you have become undetectable – this is when there is so little virus in the blood that it cannot be measured by the blood tests. This is how you know that your treatment is working.

    When this happens, and you continue to take your medication as prescribed, you can no longer transmit HIV sexually to your partner. You may decide to continue to use a condom to prevent getting STI’s and other infections. For more information, see this online Guide for everything you want to know. http://www.catie.ca/en/basics

  2. Eric Scharf
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    Thank you for sharing these important stories for the world to see.

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    Thank you, Denis, for your entry here.


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