To learn how to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, check these out

Information on HIV

The HIV retrovirus.

The HIV retrovirus.

HIV Basics

HIV Prevention

Protecting Yourself and Others

Safer sex and safer drug use

Testing to find out if you have HIV

Information primarily for people living with HIV

Living with HIV – Starting points

HIV Basics

HIV Treatment

HIV Prevention

Managing Your Health 

A Practical Guide for Healthy Living for People Living with HIV

(Click on any underlined text to access the content of this guide)

Testing and Diagnosis  Testing to find out if you have HIV

Newly Diagnosed  What you need to know if you have just been diagnosed with HIV

Living with HIV  Health-related issues for people living with HIV

Living with HIV/Hep C Co-Infection  What you need to know if you are co-infected with both HIV and hepatitis C

Complementary Therapies and Nutrition  Complementary therapies and healthy eating

Protecting Yourself and Others

Safer sex and safer drug use

Information primarily for activists

Strategies at the international level to address HIV and related issues:

Epidemiology of HIV

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) resources

PrEP has proven effective in preventing of HIV transmission among key most-at-risk populations.  PrEP Watch is a clearinghouse for PrEP data, additional research, cost, access and advocacy efforts across the globe. Scroll down their Home Page for a map and list of countries with demonstration projects and countries where Truvada (Tenofovir) has been approved for use as PrEP.

Guides for health care delivery

For the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities


Gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men

Transgender people

Part one of this content (up to “Information primarily for activists” ) was originally published by CATIE, Canada’s source for HIV and hepatitis C information.  For more information, contact CATIE at   Part two was compiled by Denis LeBlanc, 76Crimes Editor Emeritus and long time HIV+ activist.  This is by no means a complete list  – many nations provide excellent HIV/AIDS information geared to their specific populations.

8 thoughts on “To learn how to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, check these out

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