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  1. Dialogue Foundation
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    I think it is ripe to support activist working for the right of LGBT in Nigeria with funds, to strategize on possible approach to relevant key government functionaries, who are sympthatizers to LGBT cases and issues.

  2. STEPS TO TAKE IF YOU’RE BEING BLACKMAILED. – Utunzi Rainbow Security Network

    […] “I connected with this guy on 2go [the chat program for mobile phones]. He was in Ogun State. We became friends in no time, as he seemed really nice. We stayed in contact with each other for two months, calling and chatting, until I decided to visit him, unknowing to me that I was embarking on a journey I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. When I got to his place in Ogun State, I met some other boys there. They were all five in number. They waited for me to settle in and then they all brought out their knives. I was dead scared. They called me all sorts of names. They threatened to call my family. I was forced to cooperate as they robbed me; they took the N3,000 [about US $8] on me and my school bag. My Blackberry Bold 5 [smartphone] was also taken away from me.” excerpt from 76crimes […]

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