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  1. Sherette-Ann Hogan
    Sherette-Ann Hogan at |

    This makes me sick and totally disgusted. What a sick society we have become ! No, I’m not talking about gays , I’m talking about ignorance , hate and murder . I roils rather have gays as friends and neighbors rather than the bloodthirsty savages who leave their own business to go and butcher people because they disapprove of their sexuality . I recently read an article that claimed that the average IQ of Jamaicans was 71 . I believe it.

  2. JPL
    JPL at |

    Thanks for sharing this article and information. My access to info here in New York, is limited to what I’m hearing from Jamaican immigrants. However, I’m hearing very conflicting versions about the extent of the violence and problems. But more concerning are the disagreements about how best to support our LGBT brothers and sisters in Jamaica; and how to influence the Jamaican government. Targeting tourism seems to be the best financial bullet against homophobia, however is it better to withhold or stimulate it? Aren’t there other things we should be doing from the USA to support you locally?

  3. Lenworth L. Dub Poyser
    Lenworth L. Dub Poyser at |

    Sick sad world. Its even more terrifying that the murder rates are actually getting worse in some parts of Jamaica. What in the hell is the government and police force doing there? Sitting on their asses and sipping ting?!

    1. Do not change the world for gays.
      Do not change the world for gays. at |

      Its awesome to get rid of the gays, they are trying to destroy the world.


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