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  1. seanmajorcampbell
    seanmajorcampbell at |

    WHAT IF THE CHURCH spent more time truly sharing love? What if the Church spent more time empowering people to be emancipated from mental slavery? What if poverty, disease, injustice, and human rights concerns generally speaking received even fifty percent of the passion expended on the private sex lives of adults?
    NONSENSE should have been SUSPENDED!!! God bless the Episcopal Church. Long live the Episcopal Church.

  2. David J. Przeracki, Esq.
    David J. Przeracki, Esq. at |

    Thank you, Colin, for making clear what the “suspension” means to those of us LGBT Episcopalians. Prayers ascending that God’s Glorious Love+ will prevail, and the Anglican Communion will soon reverse the decision. We ARE ONE in the Spirit and ONE in the Lord!


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