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    Using religion as a force for good in Africa…

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    This Episcopal Church is disobeying the Holy Scriptures and bringing God’s judgment down on itself.

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      my dear sign up for my bible studies class, its free: Jesus abolished the law of Moses and established Grace,Hebrews 10:9 He blotted out ( erased removed made null and voided ) the law that was agaisnt us and contray to us ( denied who we are ) and nailed it to His Cross – Colossians 2:14 .hope it helps xo

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    Great news indeed we need more americans religious leaders to export unconditional love, tolerance, acceptance empathy and compassion towards LGBT in Africa instead of those religious extremists who are exporting homophobia, cultural war and acts of violences and extremism to a continent that already has so much chaos and crisis going on right now especially my Country the Democratic Republic of Congo where there is no peace since i was a toddler up until now


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