Police arrest Ugandan LGBT leader Sam Ganafa

Sam K. Ganafa, executive director of Spectrum Uganda (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

Sam K. Ganafa, executive director of Spectrum Uganda (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

Activists in Uganda report that police have arrested Sam K. Ganafa, executive director of Spectrum Uganda Initiatives and board chair for the Sexual Minorities Uganda coalition.

Charges against Ganafa have not yet been determined.  He was handcuffed after he reported to the Kasangati police station in response to a call from the district police commander.

Police also searched his home and took two of Ganafa’s guests to the police station for interrogation.

Activists said Ganafa has opened his home to many homeless LGBTI persons and it was also used as a Spectrum Uganda office for more than eight years.

An employee of a Ugandan telecommunications company, he is greatly respected, a good role model, and one of the few elderly persons who have openly lived as gay in Uganda, activists said.

Police reportedly took him to be tested for HIV because a complainant against him claimed that he had been infected.

Ganafa is expected to be taken to court tomorrow (Nov. 13).

21 thoughts on “Police arrest Ugandan LGBT leader Sam Ganafa

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    that they were no longer under the schoolmaster ( Galatians 3:24 Galatians 3:25 );
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    that the Christian who sought justification under the law had fallen from grace ( Galatians 5:4 );
    and that now the righteousness of God is revealed without the aid of the law ( Romans 3:21 Romans 3:22 ).


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