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  1. Israel Starr
    Israel Starr at |

    I don’t like the fact that people are getting killed by this,but however back in the bibical days they did the same.I know that many laws want to change for the benifit of gay’s but it’s wrong to lay with the same sex and society knows this, it’s about rebelliousness because we want what we want.You either do wrong or you do it right I don’t like seeing what I see with gay’s but I will not take their life because that is wrong and the lord don’t want us to murder but he don’t want us to sleep with the same sex.Children see so much today it’s pitiful from TV to just walking the streets.Something needs to be done but I dont think this is the answer..

    1. George Lopez
      George Lopez at |

      God isn’t real.

    2. adrienne braxton (@krumbsbakery154)

      perhaps too some of these homophobes feel attracted to these people and don’t want to admit it and it threatens their very insecure psyche. you have to admit dwayne was very beautiful

  2. Spinster
    Spinster at |

    Just found out about this story. Horrible, absolutely horrible. And the family refused to claim his body, yet want sympathy? Did they even attend the funeral and other related services? Didn’t the sperm donor (because one who helps others bully one’s child is NOT a father) kick him out of the house? How utterly disgusting & despicable. What a horrible family to be born into.

    Who, if anyone, claimed his body and allowed for him to have a proper burial? Whoever (if anyone) claimed the body deserves the utmost respect, as well as possible donations for funeral costs.

    This is making me cry, so let me end here. May this baby rest in true peace.

  3. kayla
    kayla at |

    i think he got wat he derseve.but i dont think no one should be murder.in gods eyes we were made in to for a women and men to be toether.not men and men ro women and women…..


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