In Cameroon, a few more days of freedom for Roger Mbede


Jean-Claude Roger Mbede urges support for Amnesty International

Jean-Claude Roger Mbede

In Cameroon today, a decision on Roger Mbede’s appeal of his homosexuality conviction was delayed again.

Mbede, also known as Jean-Claude Roger Mbede, was sentenced in 2011 to three years in prison, but was granted provisional release this past summer for medical treatment.

During today’s court session, because of a lack of judges, action on all proceedings, including Mbede’s, were delayed until Dec. 17, 2012.

Mbede’s attorney, Michel Togue, and two members of the activist group Camfaids were present at the proceedings.

Amnesty International has been campaigning for Mbede’s release. He was convicted of violating Cameroon’s anti-homosexuality law after he sent a male acquaintance a text stating, “I’m very much in love with you.”

This article in French: “Au Cameroun, quelques jours plus de liberté pour Roger Mbede.”

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4 thoughts on “In Cameroon, a few more days of freedom for Roger Mbede

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