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    Hey mr Gay (jeff)i have been reading your comment for long and i have come to realize that you are one of the great activist of homosexualism, i see you and colin stewart are working tirlessly evryday to see how you could convince people to believe that homosxualism is normal (which is such case you people are acting against nature) for God sake how can someone who practise that which is forbidden be against his aborminable act? I believe such kind of people should be prevented from existing. You will always find one excuses or the other to justify your self but inwardly you know you are already condemn for your act. The prime minister of Belgium was once asked by a journalist what is your sexual orientation and he ELIO DI RUPO said ‘AM A GAY AND SO’ now in such a country where a gay happened to be their leader, Tell me how can such a leader see anything wrong with the act of homosexualism? And why would they not legalize it and even go to the extent approving a man and a man coming together as husband and wife? Many times i have wonder alot, what kind of people you really are. I just cant understand. For God sake how can a man be attracted to a man like him? Hey man we straight people are not judging you people GAY but we feel this is an unnatural act and it so disgursting plus the implication it has on our society. Mr JEFF You should be ashame of yourself and your family. Woe unto you. Do you really think you are safe any more? Do you really think you can live a free life as other normal human being are living? I know you can only remain in USA for ever if not you should know your life is in danger. I strongly belive that your life is not safe any more and you are terrified by the news you get about what is happening to gays around the world…… Like some of them are been killed, deprived of many things and etc. You wouldnt want come to NIGERIA that am very sure of because you know what your life will be. I hope you will come to change someday.


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