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  1. Angeline Jackson
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    Any unbiased and thinking person could have looked at the advertised ‘Love March’ which took place yesterday (September 15), and realise this was a march particularly about homosexuality, and that so as not to look anti-gay threw in fornication and pornography.

    Had this truly been a march for sexual purity then why did the organisers put so much energy into regularly referencing homosexuality, while at the same time putting such concentrated effort into portraying an image of not being anti-gay?

    If they had put as much effort into being anti-pornography, and anti-fornication, then they would not have to worry about seeming anti-gay because it would have fit perfectly into their theme. Further they should have also circulated a petition, calling for the criminalisation of fornicators and the sale, televising and distribution of pornography.

    I’m glad they had their march, the religious (Christian) lobbyists love to cry that Christians cannot speak out against homosexuality, and frighten people with half truths, the truth is religionists have a problem being told that they have to be careful, and that they will be held accountable for inciting violence, religionists it seems have a problem keeping within the boundaries of the law and playing on a level playing field.

    Jamaica is not a Christian country, however, everyone including Christians seem to think that having the most followers, is grounds on which to demand Christian supremacy and dominance.

    Finally I propose that to counter this fallacy, all Jamaicans who are tired of Christianity taking over our country, and violating our freedom of and from religion take to the streets and march. To this end I propose a Secular Campaign March similar I would say, to the Secular Europe Campaign that happened on September 15 (http://secular-europe-campaign.org/). We should have banners, publicize it, and invite speakers, local and international athiests, agnostics, freethinkers, secularists, and invite ourallies the religious people who strongly believe in secularism to also speak and participate. Sitting down and quietly talking or writing is not getting us anywhere and certainly not at a good speed.


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