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Global LGBT turmoil: Jamaica, Africa, SE Asia, Russia, U.S.

World map shows 76 countries where homosexuality is illegal

World map shows 76 countries where homosexuality is illegal

The international scope of the movement for rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual people is vividly in evidence right now, along with strong opposition to those rights.

Here’s what’s going on:

This blog is following all those issues, and more, but there’s no time now to provide details, other than what readers can find by following this post’s hyperlinks.

4 thoughts on “Global LGBT turmoil: Jamaica, Africa, SE Asia, Russia, U.S.

  1. Indonesia is never being supportive to LGBT, except Bali. There are a lot of articles showing how cruel Indonesian people are, to LGBT community! Singapore said to oppose LGBT on the surface, but beneath the surface, everything is alright. In Singapore, there are LGBT event called PINK DOT. In Indonesia, they even boycotted LGBT movie festival and threatened the participants to be deported or injured!


    • Perhaps we’ll be pleasantly surprised by Indonesia’s position on this issue, but you’re quite right that Indonesia hasn’t been supportive. As ILGA reports, “We have seen a number of countries including China and Indonesia restrict web access to Gay or Lesbian Sites including the ILGA website making it more difficult for LGBT organisations in those countries to operate.” Also:

      “Same-sex relations are not prohibited according to the national Penal Code. The only provision to deal with such relations is article 292 which prohibits sexual acts between persons of the same sex, if committed with a person under the legal age. However, in 2002 the national parliament gave the Aceh province the right to adopt Islamic Sharia laws. Such laws do apply to Muslims only. Moreover, for example the city of Palembang in South Sumatra has introduced jail time and hefty fines for same-sex relations.”


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