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To Kenyan officials: Stop gay-bashing; it boosts AIDS

A group of Kenyan health-care and human-rights organizations delivered a strong message to Kenyan officials today: Stop inflaming anti-gay tensions. They hinder the fight against HIV / Aids. At a press conference, the groups warned of “devastating consequences of the … Continue reading

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African LGBTI activists unite at Nairobi conference

About 150 activists from throughout Africa  revived the continent’s LGBTI rights organization last month at a conference held in Nairobi, Kenya. The conference of Pan Africa ILGA (PAI) provided a regional platform to discuss issues affecting LGBTI people in Africa, … Continue reading

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Fighting stereotypes of gay Kenyans

From the article “Fight Stereotypes of Gay Kenyans,” based on an interview with Kenya activist Jane Wothaya: “People don’t walk around with labels on their foreheads for you to see what their sexual orientation is. These people are your brothers, your … Continue reading

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Kenya making progress, but anti-gay violence continues

Kenyans are gradually becoming more tolerant of LGBT people, but a violent anti-gay campaign is currently under way, says the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK). The apparent trigger for the Kenyan violence was an uproar about homosexuality, provoked … Continue reading

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Protest over Kenyan claim that homosexuals = dogs

Human rights activists in Kenya have united to decry hate speech used yesterday by candidate William Ruto during Kenya’s deputy presidential debate. Quoting inaccurately from the Bible (Rev. 22:15), Ruto said that the Bible equates homosexuals with dogs. He said … Continue reading

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