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Ugandan priest: 10 reasons to repeal anti-gay law

The Rev. Anthony Musaala, a Ugandan priest who offers pastoral ministry to displaced sexual minorities in various countries, submitted the following call for repeal of Uganda’s harsh new anti-gay law. Musaala is currently appealing last year’s decision by the Roman … Continue reading

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Pleas for justice and health in gay-bashing Cameroon

A team of African and American activists traveled last month to homophobic Cameroon to plead for tolerance, justice and improved health care for LGBT people and others. They raised their voices at a health conference, in prison, at the U.S. … Continue reading

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Roman Catholic leaders in India support LGBT rights

The compassion and acceptance that Pope Francis has expressed for LGBT people has spread to India, as evidenced in Roman Catholic responses to a recent Supreme Court decision that reinstated a 1860s Indian law against homosexuality. Most religious groups in … Continue reading

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Pope’s message for anti-gay Catholics: Accept gays

In an interview today, Pope Francis spoke graciously about how the Roman Catholic Church should treat LGBT people. Will Catholics in the 76-plus countries that imprison people for homosexual behavior stop fueling anti-gay hatred and instead model themselves after the … Continue reading

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Archbishop tells Kenya: Gays deserve respect

Kenyans should not discriminate against homosexuals, should be respectful to them, and should grant them dignity and human rights, says Archbishop Charles Daniel Balvo, the Pope’s respresentative to Kenya. AllAfrica.com reported: Speaking after commissioning a Sh400 million [US$4.6 million] pastoral … Continue reading

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Jamaica: Archbishop ducks question on sodomy law

Several of Jamaica’s churches have voiced very vocal opposition to the case brought by Javed Jaghai challenging the country’s 1864 anti-sodomy law. These churches have also planned island-wide anti-gay demonstrations for Sunday, June 23, in advance of the first hearing … Continue reading

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Jamaica: Evicted, gay man aims to overturn buggery law

Last year, Javed Jaghai, a young gay Jamaican, was evicted from his home by his landlady when she discovered his sexual orientation.  The landlady alleged that Javed’s homosexuality meant that he would be engaging in an illegal activity on the … Continue reading

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