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    off course this people called gay are incarnate of satanism as i have always believe, how come with this harsh law still they cant change, they even go to the extent of protesting, sometimes i wonder why this gay cant even change …, what is really happening????? the account of the bible made us top know that God created man and woman, he has made it in such a way that the man will be attracted to the woman and like wise the woman will be attracted to man too….. then the big question is.. is God an author of confusion??? off course no, we should understand that this is the end time and what we are seeing now is the work of the devil trying to oppose God. once again the world is in Great danger if we dont fight this act and possibly bring this people to state of an extinct…………. in this forum we have two great profssional Gay activist which is JEFF AND STEWART COLIN… it quite unfortunate that this people see nothing wrong with this act…. off cours they are Gay…


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