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    10216Sep75275fBryan Magana 706As a Christian, I still have two equally valid ooinpts : pursue holiness through marriage, or pursue holiness through singleness. Indeed, some Christians who struggle with same-sex attraction choose to marry, but skeptics often deem these relationships a sham, no matter how happy the couple claims to be (see my article Ex-gays: Fact or Fake? ). Allow me to speak from experience: God didn’t force me to be single. I’ve had opportunities to pursue a relationship with a woman, but I chose to remain single: 1) because I’m content being single and view it as a happy alternative to marriage, and 2) because I wanted her to meet a godly man who could love her better than I could. Perhaps it’s not the popular view, but yes, people like me still have two God-glorifying ooinpts.VN:F [1.9.20_1166](from 21 votes) 155

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    I L0ve Camer00n


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