1. Michael Irvine
    Michael Irvine at |

    “I have travelled the world over, but I have only ever been called a nigger in Calgary”

    I am not surprised by this. The only place I have ever been that had a palpable atmosphere of racism in the air worse than that in Calgary is Florida.

  2. Lawrence Kootnikoff
    Lawrence Kootnikoff at |

    We do have that reputation for being smug, especially when comparing ourselves with our American neighbours. Als, I have to agree with Michael – Calgary has always had that reputation.

    And while we have had a Conservative Party in Canada for almost 200 years, this current version is quite different, the result of a merger between the old Tories and the Reform Party, which takes much of its brand of conservatism from — wait for it — American religious conservatives, more focused on “values” than economics.

  3. art
    art at |

    I am of east Indian descent born and raised in Calgary, and I can honestly say that I get treated respectfully pretty much everywhere I go and I dont find racism to be a problem here. I am NOT saying there are no racist people in Calgary-these people exist everywhere in the world. But simply speaking from my experience having lived here my entire life (all 27 years), I dont find it to be a problem. I am willing to bet my life that Calgary (and Canada in general) is way better compared to many other places such as some European countries in terms of how minorities are treated. Just a thought.

  4. Vickie Janetos
    Vickie Janetos at |

    Thank you for the wake up call. Homophobia is all around us; yes, us, the Canadians. Lucky that we’re smart enough to hire people of your committment and calibre to remind and inform us. We have work to do at home and abroad!

  5. Justin
    Justin at |

    If gays manage to reach majority in any country and if they were givin power. I think they would make it illeagle for people to be straight.. I heard on articles that pedaphiles are claiming the same right “We re born this way. Adam and Eve not Adam and Steeve..

    1. billlee42
      billlee42 at |

      What you’ve written is nonsense,Justin!

    2. Harry Underwood
      Harry Underwood at |

      LOL, that’s not even possible, or feasible, or logical. Get thee hence.

    3. anthony james
      anthony james at |

      justin, please, do some research, i feel embarrassed for you.

  6. Visogoth
    Visogoth at |

    Justin, you are a clear example of the intolerance and vile discrimination that Tomlinson is addressing in this article. Every time I hear homosexuality associated with pedaphelia I get sick to my stomach and want to be violent. You, Justin, and your kind need to experience the hate and. maliciousness that you visit on the LGBTQ communities. I wish we could reach a majority and kick your sorry ass to a deserted island.

  7. anthony james
    anthony james at |

    just occurs to me that these western ‘experts’ influencing usually former colonial possessions,(carribbean, kenya, uganda etc.) are just continuing the colonialism i thought we’d moved on from. why are these countries allowing themselves to be influenced by a western agenda?


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