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  1. Darina
    Darina at |

    The Russian President’s name is VLADIMIR Putin.

  2. Marc K.
    Marc K. at |

    I only read allegations here, no proof at all. What is Lucas’ criticism based on? On Alekseev allegedly supporting the death penalty? On Alekseev allegedly making an anti-semitic statement? On him acting like a “dictator” on his own blog? Or is it just disagreement about the political strategy and whether to boycott the games in Sotchi. Maybe american activists should direct more of their time and ressources attacking Putin! P.S: Most of the german LGBT community now also prefers creative actions and protests at the games instead of a boycott. Chooding this direction certainly doesnt make someone Putins poodle!!!

  3. Maury
    Maury at |

    Both ideas have merit and could work independently of each other.Duh…


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