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Third detention in anti-gay Uganda crackdown

Police in Uganda have detained a third youth worker on homosexuality charges,  continuing their crackdown on the Youth on Rock Foundation (YRF), which runs anti-AIDS programs for LGBT youth. Martin (Morgan) Kanyike, executive director of the foundation, was detained Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Singapore LGBT letter: Even hurting, let’s win with love

Legal challenges to Singapore’s law against gay sex have raised hopes for change, but also have led to a conservative backlash. In response, a coalition of LGBTQ groups today issued a statement of encouragement and consolation to “Singapore’s LGBT Community … Continue reading

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Anti-gay mob beat 7 men; probe faults Nigerian response

The article “Anti-gay mob beat 7 men; probe faults Nigerian response” about the Jan. 12 attack in Nigeria has been removed from this blog, at least temporarily. The article was based on an unfinished, draft version of a report prepared … Continue reading

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$1,000 bribe overcomes anti-gay charges in Cameroon

Two young men charged with homosexuality-related crimes have been released from police custody in Cameroon after paying a bribe, according to human rights activists who worked on their behalf. This new, detailed account of the case of the men identified as … Continue reading

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LGBTI activists in hiding in Uganda after release by police

Four young LGBTI activists in Uganda are in hiding after at least two of them were arrested and detained for several days on homosexuality-related charges. An online international appeal for support for their LGBTI rights group, Youth on Rock Foundation, … Continue reading

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Jonas and Franky, freed but now in hiding

The good news: Two young men in Cameroon won a court appeal this month and were freed from prison, where they had been serving a five-year sentence for alleged violations of Cameroon’s anti-homosexuality law. The bad news: They had to … Continue reading

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Appeal to Russia: Drop anti-gay bill that spurs anti-gay violence

Human Rights Watch issued this press release today, arguing that the anti-gay violence confronting recent protests against a Russian proposal for a national ban on “gay propaganda” shows that such a law would encourage further violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, … Continue reading

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For anti-gay Jamaicans, chickens coming home to roost

Jamaica’s legendary homophobia has resulted in some kids being kicked out of their homes as early as 11 years old. Many of these kids end up on the streets and engage in disruptive behaviour. Yesterday, Jamaica’s major newspaper again reported … Continue reading

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Another 3 men in Cameroon jail for homosexuality

Previously unreported on this blog, these cases are cited by the newly released Amnesty International report on Cameroon.  The report states: “Two young men identified as Depadou N, aged 21 years, and Paul Arno, aged 24 years, were arrested on … Continue reading

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Vote of 338-1 for Russian ‘gay propaganda’ bill

The lower house of the Russian parliament, or Duma, voted overwhelmingly today in favor of a ban on so-called “propaganda of homosexualism” where children might be present. The vote on the bill’s first reading was 338 for (or 336, by … Continue reading

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