Prison for being gay — Roger Mbede loses appeal

Roger Jean Claude Mbede: "I feel rejected by everyone."

Roger Jean Claude Mbede: “I feel rejected by everyone.” (Photo by Eric O. Lembembe)

The Central Appeals Court in Cameroon has halted its deliberations on the appeal of Roger Jean Claude Mbede, refusing to overturn the lower decision that sentenced him to three years in prison for being a homosexual.

Human rights attorney Michel Togue is preparing an appeal.

Mbede, 33, has been the focus of an intense international campaign seeking his release, including widespread support from Amnesty International.

Mbede, who is also known as Jean-Claude Roger Mbede, was reported to police after he sent an amorous text message to a male friend with whom he had fallen in love.

He spent 16 months in prison before his provisional release on July 16 for medical treatment.

The Cameroonian justice system is “feeling nervous to the point of forgetting to rule on the issue,”  Togue said.

Human rights activists are considering what steps to take next in suppoprt of Mbede.

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4 Responses to Prison for being gay — Roger Mbede loses appeal

  1. D.C. says:

    This is so sad,,


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