Cameroon man appeals 3-year sentence for homosexuality

Jean-Claude Roger Mbede
Jean-Claude Roger Mbede

Jean-Claude Roger Mbede is awaiting a court ruling on the appeal of his three-year sentence for violating Cameroon’s laws against homosexual activities.

His appeal was heard May 21, according to Amnesty International.

His appeal had been scheduled for April 16, but it was delayed for unspecified “administrative reasons,” according to a source close to Mbede’s defense team.

Last year, Mdebe was sentenced to three years in prison for homosexuality.

Amnesty International has been appealing for Mdebe’s release. In addition, his cause has been adopted by the Hobart Group, an Amnesty International group based in Hobart, Tasmania, in Australia.

The group reported that Mdebe had not been ill-treated in prison “because he has been able to buy protection from fellow inmates with money [that had been] provided him. However, once that money runs out he will be at risk of homophobic attacks.”

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