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  1. Christopher
    Christopher at |

    She is true when she says that God loves all/respects all. The reason why homosexuality is banned is because of ‘Anal intercourse’ and Allah knows that this leads to aids and diseases.

    If homosexual couples understand about the risks when having intercourse with ‘anal content’ – then I see no reason why they cannot live together and have a healthy relationship without this act!

    1. Abraham Lewis
      Abraham Lewis at |

      I have anal intercourse with my wife all the time. Neither of us have AIDS or any other disease. What on earth are you talking about?

  2. Umm Yussif
    Umm Yussif at |

    Ummm, No that’s not exactly the reason,,, We as human beings were created for the sole purpose of procreating and worshipping God, God created Men to please Women and vis versa. Men having intercourse with men does not make a child, norvis versa it is against God and nature. A man’s sperm is produced to join with a woman’s egg and makes a human,, If we as humans turn into the same sex for relations we will cease to exist. God does NOT make Homosexuality. Perverted thoughts that aren’t controlled and spoken about turn into LGBT. Parents should be speaking with their childern and not pushing the subject under the rug until it’s too late. The media, Tv, Social Media,etc often promote man on man &woman on woman and this is what our childern see when they go online or turn the tv on. College kids are encouraged to explore their sexuallity and teens are encourage to lose their virginity in high school.. Help your kids make the right choices Guide them, before you lose them. Sex is the right of a Married Man and Woman.

    1. KT
      KT at |

      you are so right UMM Yussif, I am a Christian in the USA and I find it disturbing that homosexuality is now considered OK. It is a serious lack of judgement and morality to teach this to our children. God is not pleased with us. I pray every single day for my children. The Bible and the KOran are very clear about this subject. If we continue this we will end the human race.

      1. GutesBuchBrenner
        GutesBuchBrenner at |

        Homosexuality is a natural form of sexuality just as bisexuality, transgenderism and in some cases heterosexuality too. There is nothing immoral about being LGBT. What is immoral, however, is treating others with hatred, intolerance, violence and keeping a closed mind.

  3. Agnotica Ahmed
    Agnotica Ahmed at |

    I’m all for people being able to speak their piece, but wow, looking at a few of the comments here is a disturbing reminder of the dangers of organized religion. Where outside of religious dogma do you you encounter such ignorance?

    1. Muninn
      Muninn at |

      When you walk among the atheists who still find a way to justify their homophobia by claiming that LGBTs are confused/ unnatural/ a threat to social order/ mentally ill/ plain disgusting. Hatred is universal, regardless of nationality or religion. Thankfully, so too is love and compassion.


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