Malaysian officials seize pro-gay Muslim’s book

Malay edition of "Allah Liberty & Love" by Irshad Manji
Malay edition of “Allah Liberty & Love” by Irshad Manji

Government officials in Malaysia have confiscated copies of the latest book by Muslim author Irshad Manji, who urges society to accept LGBT people because they were created by Allah.

Enforcement officers from the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department, or JAWI, seized copies of the book, “Allah Liberty & Love – Courage To Reconcile Faith & Freedom” by Manji on May 23 because “the content is deemed to be contrary to Islamic teachings,” the Malaysian national news agency Bernama reported.

A JAWI official said the raid was conducted by eight officers at a bookstore in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur. They seized seven copies of the book, and the official said JAWI is seeking the remaining copies.

“We received information that 500 copes of the translated edition of the book have been printed and available in the market nationwide, and we are still tracking them,” he said.

Irshad Manji (Photo by Raquel Saraswati via Wikimedia Commons)
Irshad Manji (Photo by Raquel Saraswati via Wikimedia Commons)

Manji, who describes herself as a faithful Muslim, announced May 16 on her website that the Malay translation of the book had been released. It was originally published in English last June. Her earlier book, “The Trouble with Islam Today,” was translated into more than 30 languages.

The case will be investigated as an apparent violation of the Federal Territory Syariah Offences Act against publication of books that conflict with Islamic teachings, Bernama reported.

Manji, a Uganda-born author with Canadian citizenship, is “unapologetic for her defence of the gay and lesbian lifestyle” says the website  She “has challenged critics to explain how Allah, in all His glory, could have made ‘misfits or abominations.’ ”

In an interview, she said that in the Quran, “everybody is a deliberate act of creation on God’s part. So even gays and lesbians have been created by God.”

Under Malaysian law, homosexual activities are punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Earlier this month, scheduled talks by Manji were canceled by two universities in Indonesia after hundreds of opponents assembled at the lecture sites, demanding that she be prevented from speaking, the Jakarta Globe reported.

Written by Colin Stewart

Colin Stewart is a 45-year journalism veteran living in Southern California. He is the president of the St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation, which supports LGBTQ+ rights advocacy journalism, and editor/publisher of Erasing 76 Crimes. Contact him at [email protected]


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  1. She is true when she says that God loves all/respects all. The reason why homosexuality is banned is because of ‘Anal intercourse’ and Allah knows that this leads to aids and diseases.

    If homosexual couples understand about the risks when having intercourse with ‘anal content’ – then I see no reason why they cannot live together and have a healthy relationship without this act!

    • I have anal intercourse with my wife all the time. Neither of us have AIDS or any other disease. What on earth are you talking about?

  2. Ummm, No that’s not exactly the reason,,, We as human beings were created for the sole purpose of procreating and worshipping God, God created Men to please Women and vis versa. Men having intercourse with men does not make a child, norvis versa it is against God and nature. A man’s sperm is produced to join with a woman’s egg and makes a human,, If we as humans turn into the same sex for relations we will cease to exist. God does NOT make Homosexuality. Perverted thoughts that aren’t controlled and spoken about turn into LGBT. Parents should be speaking with their childern and not pushing the subject under the rug until it’s too late. The media, Tv, Social Media,etc often promote man on man &woman on woman and this is what our childern see when they go online or turn the tv on. College kids are encouraged to explore their sexuallity and teens are encourage to lose their virginity in high school.. Help your kids make the right choices Guide them, before you lose them. Sex is the right of a Married Man and Woman.

    • Thank you for your thoughts. Not surprisingly, I don’t agree with all of them. I think you are being to too narrowly focused when you say that “We as human beings were created for the sole purpose of procreating and worshipping God.” I believe we were also created to love one another and to enjoy God’s creation. Enjoying a beautiful sunset does not contribute to procreation, but is a good thing to do. Smiling at a friend does not contribute to procreation, but is a good thing to do. Of course, if only same-sex relations occurred, humans would cease to exist. But that is not how God made us. God made us all, both gay and straight, and God will provide us all with a blessed future in which we can worship God and love one another.
      — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of Erasing 76 Crimes

    • you are so right UMM Yussif, I am a Christian in the USA and I find it disturbing that homosexuality is now considered OK. It is a serious lack of judgement and morality to teach this to our children. God is not pleased with us. I pray every single day for my children. The Bible and the KOran are very clear about this subject. If we continue this we will end the human race.

      • Dear KT,
        I respect your religious beliefs, but your statement “If we continue this we will end the human race”? That’s not sensible. Overpopulation is a problem, but not underpopulation. You really think that if there’s no discrimination against homosexuality, then everyone will become homosexuals?? No way!
        All the best,
        Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog

      • Homosexuality is a natural form of sexuality just as bisexuality, transgenderism and in some cases heterosexuality too. There is nothing immoral about being LGBT. What is immoral, however, is treating others with hatred, intolerance, violence and keeping a closed mind.

  3. I’m all for people being able to speak their piece, but wow, looking at a few of the comments here is a disturbing reminder of the dangers of organized religion. Where outside of religious dogma do you you encounter such ignorance?

    • When you walk among the atheists who still find a way to justify their homophobia by claiming that LGBTs are confused/ unnatural/ a threat to social order/ mentally ill/ plain disgusting. Hatred is universal, regardless of nationality or religion. Thankfully, so too is love and compassion.

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