How to buy the book: From Wrongs to Gay Rights

In a new book, the writers of this blog portray in vividly human terms the toll of 76-plus countries’ anti-gay laws.

Cover of the book From Wrongs to Gay Rights

Cover photos: Attack on Russian protester courtesy of Uganda Pride photo by Rachel Adams. (Click on the image for link to

The book, “From Wrongs to Gay Rights,” is currently available in paperback and in electronic formats.

The book is available from Amazon (at approximately these prices and only in English) in:

It is also available in a variety of electronic formats (including versions for iBook, Nook and Kindle) for $3.99 from Smashwords.

The book’s subtitle, “Cruelty and Change for LGBT People in an Uncertain World,” refers to a world where same-sex marriage has gained broader acceptance, yet a same-sex kiss in any of dozens of countries can lead to a prison sentence or even death. In those countries, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people face arrest for loving the wrong people.

The book’s authors include LGBT activists in Cameroon, Uganda, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Zimbabwe. In their own words, they tell what’s going on:

  • A man sentenced to prison for sending an amorous text.
  • A transgender woman who needs anonymous health care.
  • An archbishop who wonders: Dildos for AIDS widows?
  • A gay priest who struggles with his own homophobia.
  • Gay rights groups under attack from police and mobs.
  • The exuberance of Uganda’s first Pride Parade.

Many chapters of this book appeared first as part of this blog. The book includes articles by Colin Stewart (editor of the book and of this blog), the Rev. Canon Albert Ogle, Eric O. Lembembe, Miles Tanhira, Andy Kopsa, Rachel Adams and Clare Byarugaba.

Proceeds from the sale of the book will be used to support the blog as well as the work of activists seeking a better life for sexual minorities worldwide.

The book contains the following chapters, presented in four sections:


  • Victories, setbacks, close calls: 2012 in review
  • 78+ countries with anti-homosexuality laws
  • 12 behind bars, 16 more awaiting trial on homosexuality charges
  • New activist network fighting AIDS and anti-LGBT laws
  • Growing support for same-sex marriage
  • What traditional African homosexuality learned from the West
  • The fatal flaw in anti-AIDS strategies
Bishop Christopher Senyonjo of Uganda (Photo via Wikipedia)

Bishop Christopher Senyonjo of Uganda (Photo via Wikipedia)

Issues of Faith

  • And the archbishop wondered: Dildos for the widows of Uganda?
  • Finding kindred spirits among straight allies in the faith community
  • ‘I had nowhere to live but in my car’
  • Bishop Christopher: Theological leper steps out in faith
  • Homophobia: ‘I too am infected’
  • Hateful comments, semi-loving responses

Personal Stories

  • A night in hell, Zimbabwe style
  • Gay in Cameroon: After beatings in prison, rejection at home
  • In his cell in Cameroon, awaiting trial for homosexuality
  • Labeled effeminate because they drink Baileys, couple appeals 5-year sentence
  • Meeting turns bloody as gay-bashers invade
  • Gay Pride Uganda
  • For assaulted trans woman, Uganda medical care must be anonymous
  • HIV-positive activist to Uganda: Stop impeding AIDS battle


  • Ghana: Tough life for gays
  • Iraq: Death trap for gay men
  • Russia: Time line of gay rights and gay repression
  • Ukraine: ‘Read Oscar Wilde? 5 years in prison’
  • Jamaica: Top 10 LGBT achievements of 2012
  • Singapore: Even hurting, let’s win with love

Journalists interested in receiving a review copy of the book may request one via Twitter (@colinstewart or @76crimes) or by leaving a comment on this post.

24 thoughts on “How to buy the book: From Wrongs to Gay Rights

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  16. Where are the photos of LGBT activists rioting? Kicking people? Don’t pretend you did not see them. Typical heterophobia and bigotry.


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