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  1. Master Adrian
    Master Adrian at |

    Personally(!) I would advice against a march in the streets, simply because of fear for violence towards those marching, by public as well as police and government supported/endorsed anti-gay militias!
    On the other hand, when there be enough people around the participatns of such a march, it would make a huge statement to as well the public as the authorities, nationally and internationally!
    Such a march would be a sign of extreme power, and when participants would be coming from all kinds of areas of the society, and as such recognisable, it would show that homosexuaity is present all around everyone in the whole community, not only at theatres, among “frearks”, hairdressers, well, the common stereotyped areas! When representatives of international orgs like International Human Rights Council, of (European) Embassies, of DSF would be present it would increase the power of such a Human March, or March4Equality! Just my opinion though!

  2. DL
    DL at |

    With the current situation, in the country, having a march will be unwise, the current president is a dictator, , the good news, is that the younger generation is more open minded to equality , but with sexism and religious extremism, still rampant, we
    still have a long way to go.


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