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  1. Marilyn Byers
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    Dear Mr. Mayor of Montego Bay. There are only a few countries left that do not accept Gay people. Why don’t you learn how you can make a difference for LGBT people. Did you know that EVERYONE knows someone who is Gay and they may not know who it is. Could be your Sister, Brother, Aunt, Cousin; Dentist…. Co worker….. Is killing people the way to show LOVE??? Wouldn’t you rather hold LOVE in your heart for ALL people. YES, Someone you know and LOVE is GAY!
    What do you fear? In the whole world, approximately 10% of the people are GAY! Just like approximately 10% are left handed.
    They did NOT choose to be Gay. Just like you did not choose the color of your eyes. Hating & Hurting does not bring LOVE. SHOW THAT YOU ARE BIGGER THAN THAT. Hate is a learned behavior. You were not born with Hate in your heart. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!


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