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    “dozens of men and women were reportedly imprisoned for same-sex activity in Dominica as recently as 2001” — What is the source of this, please? Pink News ???

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    Aw, come on! You want to be more credible than they are. Please do a little work to authenticate this.

    I did a lot of work in 2016 when this language from an ICCPR shadow report

    Statistics provided by the Criminal Records Office show that fifty (50) cases of buggery were reported between 2000 and 2010. There is no record of how many of these cases were between consenting adult men and as such this figure may represent non-consenting heterosexual, consenting heterosexual, non consenting same sex and consenting same sex buggery. For example, a 2010 Dominica News Online article on court room proceedings reports a 17 year old boy being charged with committing the act of buggery on a 9 year old girl.

    ended up travelling from there to a Kaleidoscope report to ILGA’s annual report to a map in the Economist showing laws against same-sex activity actively enforced in Dominica.

    Why is our imagination of Caribbean homophobia so eager to displace fact? As I said then, “We lose all credibility and harm our movements if we make human rights claims about our states and the sex we are complaining they are prosecuting is by adults with minors or is assault.”

    Do verify this with Darryl and Maurice. I believe these arrests were before the Sexual Offences Act was reformed to allow such offences to be charged as unlawful connection.

    And what do John Hart & Dennis Jay Mayer deciding to have sex in public in view of Dominicans in the Roseau port have to do with this case??? The constitutional litigation is not trying to make public sex legal, which I don’t believe it is where they lived in Palm Springs, CA (https://www.desertsun.com/story/news/crime_courts/2019/06/12/couple-caught-neighbor-having-sex-palm-springs-community-pool-monday/1419197001/)


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