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  1. Rev. Donald Hill, D.D.
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    The Roman Catholic Church finds itself in a bind. A high percentage of its priests are homosexuals. Also a high percentage of the young men training in its seminaries are homosexuals. Added to this they have the problem of a priest shortage that has resulted in priests carrying a heavy work load with one priest often serving two or three parishes and older priests working well beyond normal retirement age.

    The problem with homosexuality in the church is not difficult to understand. These are men who do not plan to marry. They are attracted to the priesthood because it gives them a good reason for being single. Nobody is going to ask them why they are not dating or married. It also places them
    close to other males in what appears to be innocent relationships, altar-boys, counseling sessions, etc.

    It is becoming more necessary for the church to accept what the governments of their respective countries are accepting especially when anti-gay laws are being struck down, and laws are being passed against “discrimination”. The approval of the state is now very important to a church has lost so much status.

    Catholics have in their lifetime seen “the church that never changes” move from being totally against homosexuality to where they will accept gay priests if they remain celibate, to turning a blind eye if they don’t remain celibate which is the case with the priests who molest boys and are simply transferred to another parish. In view of this evolution of thought it should not surprise Catholics if the Church announces a radical change in its position but it will disappoint the faithful and result in a further exodus from the fold. For Vatican watchers the recent mandates from the new pope to be more accepting of gays was to be expected.

    The Bible forbids homosexuality in Romans 1:26,27, 1 Corinthians 9:9,10, 1 Timothy 1:9,10, Jude vs. 7, and the Word of God has not changed.

    Based on this Christians have stood against homosexuality for 2,000 years. A person who committed a homosexual act would be ex-communicated from the church. Same sex “marriages” have not been recognized by Christians nor by any nation with a Christian heritage until the last few years. The decriminalizing of homosexuality has not been because of new knowledge. It has been strictly political.

    Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill, D.D., International Evangelist.

  2. Rev. Donald Hill, D.D.
    Rev. Donald Hill, D.D. at |

    The Roman Catholic Church is inconsistent.

    In the dark ages they turned “heretics” over to the civil authorities to be jailed or executed.
    Now they are saying the civil authorities should not make laws against homosexuality and although it is a sine it should not be a crime.

    How is it that centuries ago they had no problem accepting help from the civil authorities to enforce
    church teachings but now they don’t want civil laws that are in line with the Holy Bible and would make it easier for the church to uphold these righteous standards?

    Sincerely, Rev. Dr. Donald Hill


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