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  1. Master Adrian
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    Mr. Police Commandant Parfait Nana is an hypocrite, for sure! When he claims to be doing nothing then to enforcing the Cameronian law, does he also enforce the law on anti-corruption of Cameroon as eager as he enforces the law on homosexual activities? No he does not! Because when he would enforce that law, he would be forced to arrest the authorities of Cameroon, all and none excluded!
    When this hypocrite states that he simply enforces the law of the land, why then not enforce the law on for instance blackmailing of people? Or abusing people? Or imprisoning people without charge? Or, even more relevant, why does he not enforce the law that states that raiding locations on assumptions without proof is a crime? he ordered a raid on a location were there were only assumptions of homosexual activities, there was no proof, as when there would have been proof the people taken from the location that was raided would have been charged, and not kept in prison (or police stations) without any charge! This individual calling himself Police Commandant broke the law! And when he would be enforcing the law he would turn himself in and he would order his police offciers to lock him up! Then he would be a man with honor! Now he’s nothing but a dishonorable creature, unfit to be wearing an uniform, not even that of a retard! (I must say that the police officer depicted is a real cuty! (smile))


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