‘Murder preacher’: Jamaica has banned me

Pastor Steven Anderson
Pastor Steven Anderson

Anti-LGBT American preacher Steven Anderson says that Jamaica has banned him from visiting the country, where he planned to conduct a week-long evangelism trip. He was the target of an online petition urging Jamaica to prevent the “murder preacher” from fomenting violence with his violently anti-homosexual preaching.

Anderson posted a video today saying that he had flown to Atlanta, Georgia, but then was blocked from boarding the plane to Kingston, Jamaica, by airline employees who told him the government would not allow him to land in Jamaica.

He claimed that Jamaica is “supposed to be a sovereign nation” but “really can’t do their own thing.” People from the United States, from the United Kingdom “or whoever” had pressured Jamaica to be “pro-homosexual,” Anderson said, despite an “anti-homosexual” population.

Instead, he said, he would travel to “a different Caribbean country” tomorrow after spending a night in Atlanta.





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  1. doni
    doni at |

    Who pays his expenses I would wonder?

    1. NS
      NS at |

      Him, his wife and 10 kids live off the charity of others. He gets donations to fix his kitchen counters, dresses up his kids for free food and to go on vacation. This man is a vile, disgusting, fame whore. There’s no good in him. He’s a hypocrite. Him and his wife hates on hospitals and modern medicine, yet when she had birthing problems last week, she ran to the hospital and had an epidural. They’re nothing but self- centered hypocrites and will do anything for attention. The sad part is, his followers are so ignorant and follow him and believe every word he says.

  2. Trevor Mac Donald
    Trevor Mac Donald at |

    Money to be made by hate speech

  3. Domingo A Torres
    Domingo A Torres at |

    Hell has got a special place for murderers and even so much harsher a place for preachers who preach the murder of innocent people.

  4. Lee
    Lee at |

    Good, maybe he will be forced to go away, or will repent and have a change of heart, but not as long as it is helping in with his base financially. Once that dries up, he may start singing a different song, as it is all about fame and fortune.

  5. راه اندازی کافی شاپ
    راه اندازی کافی شاپ at |

    it’s awful


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