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  1. Denis LeBlanc
    Denis LeBlanc at |

    While keeping safe and avoiding dangerous situations, it is vitally important for gays and lesbians everywhere to have safe spaces to meet and socialize safely. It would have been terrific if the author had provided some information as to where to get information about safe places to meet and socialize in Kenya.

    There are many grassroots organisations in Kenya that provide safe spaces and/or activities for LGBT. As a starting point to find a group in your area, check out the member groups of the GALCK (Gay And Lesbian Coalition Of Kenya) here: https://www.galck.org/membership/ or contact GALCK directly by telephone Call +254 20 2426060 and stay in touch by following GALCK on Facebook or on twitter @Galck_ke.

  2. Corey Mondello (@cpmondello)
    Corey Mondello (@cpmondello) at |

    Conservative Christians from USA travel to places like #Uganda where LGBTQ have NO legal protections, to help motivate their leaders to NOT be like USA, where killing LGBTQ is still illegal

  3. Odinga
    Odinga at |

    This is factual information of what happens at grassroot
    Denis Nzioka,Also I wish you would have touched on the efforts and failures of the organizations besides GALCK.which are working towards improving our livelihood

  4. Nicholas
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    Big up for the nice Information


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