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    Thank you again so much for all you do, Colin. You’re the one who gets all the details out there. This is so sad. For me sadder because of the failure (mine actually) to help CAMEF get back to work. Because of age and another primary social justice program, I have had to pull back from this Cameroon work. And I just read that Eitel Joris Ella Ella died last fall. What a huge setback all around. I hope you are well, Colin. Many thanks again!

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    Dear Colin,
    So terrible news about the closing. Sorry for you and CAMEFAIDS and all the folks there in Cameroon. I’ve had to take a back seat in the last 2 years (is it that long?) due to age and my Haiti priority. I’m so glad that you are able to continue your work–so in touch and complete. Best wishes to you!
    Tom Luce

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    Keep up the good work to fight against the perverted and abominable lifestyles of gays and transvestites! God hates it! Its a sin! Why support that!? To do so is wrong!

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    And God says he hates people who do not love thy neighbor as thyself, and who judge others, as he says judge not that ye be judged more harshly. So your comment is cruel, mean, hateful and judgmental since you seem to want to pick and choose what suits your own agenda against people who were born this way, and can not control who they love. BTW, how many people fornicate in the heterosexual community, or commit adultery, so do you apply Leviticus to them today also ? Since we all are different and unique in our lives, religious laws of 2000 years ago written shouldn’t apply for governments as governments should be secular and to serve all people equally with justice for all, and that doesn’t happen as justice is applied unequally !

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