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    I love 76crimes because you talk about the serious LGBT issues in the world. But it’s sad to see identity politics jargon from the cultural marxist movement on here.

    I get what she’s saying. She faces many issues that are unheard of in the west and it would be great for us westerns to be aware of the situation for LGBT people in other countries. Agreed.

    But what’s up with the white people thing? And i’m not getting offended by this because i’m white myself, it’s just inaccurate. Latinos in Mexico and Argentina have a much different LGBT situation than the white people in Russia.

    The way she goes about talking about this is implying that white people have privilege. Which is then argued to scapegoat white people as the problem of issues faced by other ethnicities, because the culture marxist way of thinking is that everything is the privileged vs the oppressed. It ignores the real issues and creates a distraction. It’s also responsible for this weird vibe in leftists circles where being white is seen as something shameful. I don’t get it. Why does she feel the need to showcase white people’s supposed lack of experience problems when she talks about the issues in her own country?

    My experience in social justice circles has shown to me that these people really don’t care about global LGBT issues. They care about political correctness and what’s on TV. They spend so much time talking about imaginary problems. Their ideas of oppression are being misgendered, hearing slurs, and not having enough LGBT representation or too much tokenization on television. But when I told them that India recriminalized homosexuality, they ignored me. When I asked them if they knew what IRQR was, they showed no interest. One person acknowledged the thing going on in Chechnya, but he wasn’t interested in a discussion about what the solution to that should be.

    The SJWs I’ve come across have all been white and latino. So maybe the ones who are actually from these countries actually care. I find it odd that she would feel the social justice community will help with these sorts of things.


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